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Posted 03/22/2023 in Medicare Advantage

Medicare in Jacksonville

Medicare in Jacksonville

Medicare in Jacksonville

Do you live in Jacksonville, Florida, and just turned 65? Or are you using Medicare for the first time? If so, you might wonder if you're eligible for Medicare insurance. 

Learn more about your Medicare plan options in Jacksonville, whether you're looking for Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. 

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that was established in 1965. Medicare in Jacksonville, as in the rest of the country, is designed to provide health care for people age 65 and older, young people with disabilities, and end-stage kidney disease. 

What are the parts of Medicare?

  • Part A: Medicare Part A is also called hospital insurance. The plan includes care in skilled nursing facilities, hospitalizations, hospice care, and home health care. Part A is free for most people in Jacksonville, as in the rest of the country.   

You don't have to pay a monthly Part A premium if you've worked for ten years (40 quarters) and paid enough Medicare taxes. You can purchase it if you don't qualify for free Part A. In 2023, the Part A premium for those who have to pay will be $506 per month.


  • Part B: Medicare Part B covers specific medical services, medical care, outpatient treatment, preventive benefits, and services such as x-rays, diagnostic tests, and those that require kidney dialysis. If you qualify for Medicare Part A, you are also eligible for Part B. However, Part B is not exempt from premiums. The premium in 2023 is $164.90. You must continue to pay the Part B premium to maintain your Medicare Advantage plan.

  • Part C or also called Medicare Advantage: You must enroll in Original Medicare before you can get a Medicare Advantage plan. However, you can't use original Medicare while you have Part C. Medicare Advantage plan also offers additional benefits that Original Medicare doesn't provide. The other benefits may include vision, hearing, and dental services, gym memberships, and debit cards for over-the-counter (OTC) products.  Medicare Part C premium and co-pay rates vary depending on the insurance company, selected program, and country of residence. 

  • Part D also called Medicare Drug coverage Plan, is an optional part of Medicare you think you might not need. It covers prescription drugs. You may have to pay a penalty if you decide not to join a PDP when you first qualify. That penalty could last the rest of your life. 

Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance):

Some private companies are eligible to offer Medigap plans. It's an insurance contract that helps cover gaps in your original Medicare. Each program is standardized, meaning you will receive the same benefits regardless of which company you get the plan from. Some companies offer certain additional benefits, such as a gym membership. However, they can eliminate this benefit at any time.

How to compare the right Medicare coverage in Jacksonville:

  • Decide what type of plan you would like to have. Medicare Advantage or Medigap plans 
  • Find out how much your medication will cost. Your local Medicare agent or insurance agent can help you with this.
  • Medicare uses a star rating system to evaluate the quality of care and customer service offered by Medicare Advantage plans. You should check the star rating if you choose a Medicare Advantage plan. 
  • Financial soundness evaluations. If you want a Medigap plan, consider how financially strong the company is. 

Do You Need a Medicare Insurance Agent?

Searching for original Medicare plans, Medicare supplement insurance, or Medicare Advantage can be overwhelming and confusing. 

A Certified Medicare agent is familiar with Medicare plans. They can help you choose the best plan that suits your needs. Each year, they must complete training and pass several tests to check their understanding of Medicare. 

Your Medicare agent can help you understand the different types of plans. Once you've determined which path to take, your local representative can narrow down the program.

A Medicare agent will show you several health insurance options, not just one. An independent Medicare agent is not tied to any particular insurance company. Agents can evaluate your plans and get one with the best price and service that also meets your specific needs. 

You can keep in touch with your agent by phone or email or even stop by their office if you have one. Your representative will likely contact you occasionally to provide you with news or updates. You can get your local representative to review your current plan and make changes in the future if they don't contact you first. 

If you can't get help with your Medicare insurance, consider working with a local Medicare agent in Jacksonville. With years of industry experience, they can provide expert advice and support, from finding the right rate to registering and maintaining your insurance contract year-round. 

It's essential to understand your Medicare insurance coverage. Our friendly licensed insurance brokers will be happy to help you choose a plan that fits your needs. Go to https://CertifiedMedicareAgents.com and find your favorite member broker today!