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Making Medicare Decisions

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

This 20 minute (you can speed it up or slow it down if you'd like) video summarizes what you would pay if you only had original Medicare Parts A and B.  It also explains the pros and cons of Medicare Advantage and the pros and cons of Medicare Supplement Insurance.    

Once you have watched the video you should have a pretty good idea which plan type (Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement) resonates with you.  Then you can have a meaningful discussion with your Medicare Insurance Agent or Broker.

How to play the video: 

To start the video, click on the arrow above.
If the video is too fast or too slow, click on the audio button above, which looks like a flower.
Then click on  "normal" to bring up the speed options.
This will bring up the speed options.  Selecting a speed less than 1 will slow the video down.  Selecting a speed higher than one will speed the video up.