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Are you an insurance agent who specializes in Medicare Plans?

Join Our Online Community for Licensed Insurance Agents who focus on Medicare Plans!

Are you an insurance agent who specializes in Medicare Plans?  

Do you work with Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans?

Would you like to get found by people who are searching for someone just like you who can help?

Join our national membership of agents and brokers.  It's free to join the Bronze level, and it comes with a free listing in our directory or you can upgrade for more benefits.

Our consumer visitors reach out to you directly.  In any case, these leads are exclusive and not sold to any other agent. This leads to a better experience for both the consumer and the broker. 

Plus, we have networking opportunities and upcoming mastermind groups so you can upgrade your skills.

Please note: Pricing is for INDIVIDUAL BROKERS AND AGENTS.  

Our consumers are looking for a relationship with an Agent or Broker, not a company.

Sorry, but agencies may not join.

Gold Plan


or $210/yr (Save up to 12%)


Individual Brokers and Agents get everything listed in the Bronze and Silver Plans, PLUS the following...

  • Tier 1 in Search Results
  • List in 10 States  
  • Social Media Sites
  • $10 Exclusive Lead Price - and you view and control which leads you accept

  • Reply to Customer Reviews
  • Ability to Post Public Articles, Events, and Job Listings for $10 each (1 of each free)

  • Star Ratings on your Reviews

Silver Plan


or $140/yr (Save up to 22%)


Individual Brokers and agents will get everything listed in the Bronze Plan, PLUS the following...

  • Tier 2 in Search Results
  • List in 5 States
  • Display Customer Reviews

  • Ability to Post Public Articles, Events, and Job Listings for $20 each (1 of each free)

  • $20 Exclusive Lead Price - and you view and control which leads you accept

Bronze Plan

Free to Join


It's FREE for individual brokers and agents to join the Bronze plan, so get listed today! Here are some of the benefits...

  • Tier 3 in Search Results
  • List in 1 State
  • Profile Picture
  • Receive Direct Inquiries
  • Search Engine viewable Listing

  • Display Address (Optional)
  • Ability to Post Public Articles, Events, and Job Listings for $40 each.

  • $40 Exclusive Lead Price - and you view and control which leads you accept.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join?

You'll be able to join the Bronze Plan for Free. This extends your reach to people searching for a Certified Medicare Insurance Agent like you. You can also upgrade your plan to add more states, increase your searchability, and lower your lead cost.

Do you have a Higher or Platinum Level?

We have a Platinum Level, but we only offered it at limited times of the year. It is by invite-only to Gold members, and we are currently not accepting Platinum level memberships.

What if I get a "Bad Lead"?
Let us know right away and we'll research the situation. If warranted, we'll refund your money.

But our platform usually helps you screen these out. When someone reaches out to you, you'll get the information they leave, minus their contact information.

If it doesn't sound like you can help, do not accept the lead, and we'll find someone else who can assist.

Please respond one way or the other within a few hours so we can be sure our consumers get the help they need.

What if I want to refund my paid membership? 

Sorry, but we do not offer membership refunds.

To keep our membership pricing low, we need to keep our overhead costs low, and we don't have the staff for this type of process.

You always have the opportunity to review the lead before purchasing the contact information.

If you are unsure about the membership, please join at the free Bronze level. This way, you can check the platform out for as long as you'd like and only join a paid plan after receiving value from the membership listing.  

There are still some excellent benefits at the Bronze level.

Why don't you allow Agencies to Join?

Our consumers are looking for a relationship with an individual agent or broker, not a business. If you run an agency, you are welcome to join as a broker, but please include your individual information instead of your agency information.
Feel free to have your agent's join at the free bronze level.

Why are you doing this?

I'm the founder of this site.  I am a retired financial advisor that started working with Medicare insurance, when we found out that the agent who sold my husband a Medigap plan didn’t know what he was doing.  

This agent told my husband that he didn’t need a PDP because he didn’t take any drugs.  I started working with Medicare in 2014 and full-time in 2015.  I have a fantastic business and want to share my knowledge with other agents.   

I no longer want to license in new states, and I don’t make in-person appointments any longer because I’m allergic to perfume.  

In the past, I’ve called my FMO and asked for names when I get a lead out of my licensed areas, but now I figured I’d use my marketing knowledge to help consumers find an agent who is licensed AND certified.  

Hopefully, if the agent is certified and more focused on Medicare, what happened to my husband won’t happen to any of the referrals my site makes.

Why don’t you get to list your contact information, phone, email, and website in the Bronze membership?

 Right now, We are focusing on filling the site with agents.   We are not directly ot marketing to consumers, although they ARE finding the site.  

The Bronze membership is free, and so we have to pay the bills somehow.  (That’s why you get charged to see the contact information). 

We want agent members to start with the free listing/membership so that we can populate the site with agents.  

If consumers come to the site and can’t find an agent near them, they will leave the site and try somewhere else.

Are you a lead vendor or a directory?

At this very moment, I would say we are a hybrid.   You’ll still get the SEO juice from your listing, but the consumer contacts you through the website.  Then you read what they wrote and decide if it’s worth paying for the lead (with the bronze or free membership).  

I’m really discouraging agents from upgrading until they get their first lead.  I’d like to focus on getting the site filled with agents first, and then I’ll focus on getting consumers to the site so you will get more leads.

Aren’t all agents “certified”?

No, they aren’t.  Any licensed insurance agent can sell a Medigap plan.  You probably know that there are agents who cold-call, cold-text, and cold-door knock.  Medigap-only agents have different rules than certified agents do.  I’m trying to level the playing field by giving prospects another way to find competent agents who know what they are doing.

There are many insurance agents out there who just sell Medigap plans and don’t bother to certify.  That’s fine for them, but I feel that they are leaving ½ the story off the table for the client, and like the agent who told my husband he didn’t need a drug plan (but didn’t tell him about the penalty) I think they are doing their clients a disservice.  That’s why we ask our members to verify their credentials.